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Moving to another country could be overwhelming for families, especially at times it is hard for them to integrate into a new society. Many a time, most intended immigrants remain confused whether to immigrate to another country or not owing to such teething situations. An apparent question remains unanswered until they meet a specialist who could remove their misconceptions or attended their queries.

We understand all your worries and situations. Unlike the student visa, the immigration application involves too many factors to consider. Therefore, from counselling about the generalities of the country to papers requirement for the final visa plays a vital role for applicants to sail through the entire process smoothly.

We believe in connecting families with the Indian diaspora, newcomers’ associations and other not-for-profit organisations for your hassle-free transition.

The director himself has studied, lived and worked in Canada for years. His personal experience of labour market, relevant challenges, education system for children, and among others offers insightful information from which clients could jumpstart after reaching Canada.

A visa specialist could save your time and money. GEC is known for its unparallel services and expertise in the field of student and immigration applications. Our value-added services such as critiquing of a cover letter along with resume and how to find out jobs and how to face the structured interviews in the context of Canada have made our clients’ life happy and settled.

How is your application processed?

  • You fill out the assessment form
  • The assessment form is sent to the immigration lawyer for vetting
  • You would be explained in detail about positives and negatives of your application
  • If your application is positive and meets the immigration regulations, you are good to go
  • You enrol for our services
  • A step-by-step guide is shared with you
  • After collating the required information and papers, your application will be processed
  • The final outcome comes in
  • You enrol for our pre-departure briefing

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee permanent residence status, a job and the processing time frame. Some immigration applications may take more than the usual time frame.

Your one mistake could cost your application
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